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Cassa per tutti Registratore di cassa Goodbye cash register! The evolution of your business
Much more than just a cash register

Goodbye cash register!

Cassapertutti is a cloud platform that manages your business easy starting from payments.

Issue tax receipts
Create a catalogue with your products
Manage personal data of your customers
Send receipts by E-mail or WhatsApp
Issue electronic invoices
Plan marketing campaigns starting from contacts
Normative and functionality updates are always included
Online and telephone assistance

Free trial for 60 days

Register on the fatturapertutti platform, you will receive the credentials to access the service. Immediately you will issue unlimited tax receipts for 60 days. Use the application on your computer and download the App on your smartphone. No purchase obligation.


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Designed for you

We support professionals

Cassapertutti is the best solution for companies. You can easily issue your receipts with smart technologies, wherever you are, from your smartphone. Check your business data and share it with your consultants.


Are you a restaurateur?

You can take Cassapertutti always with you, at tables or in-home deliveries.
It works everywhere by 4G. You can install it on your smartphone or one of our dedicated devices.

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Personal services

Save time and eliminate all unnecessary paperwork. Manage the personal data of your customers and personalized price lists, surprise them with personalized offers and communicate with them via WhatsApp.


Is your business always on the go? Cassapertutti allows you to always have in your pocket everything you need for your shop, always working thanks to 4G, and you only pay for what you use on the days you work.


Do not waste a minute for the issuance of your receipts! Manage all your products in just a few steps from a single device. Divide them by sector or seasonality.

B&B, rooms to rent, farmhouse, camping, guesthouse

With cassapertutti issuing receipts and invoices for accommodation facilities and related services is easy. All you need is your tablet to have everything under control.

Do you have a car, motorcycle, bicycle, equipment, boat rental business?

Simplify your life with cassapertutti! Issue receipts and invoices directly from your smartphone or tablet and manage the records of your customers in an advantageous way for your company.

Try the demo

Download the App from the Play Store without any registration, you can use the demo to discover all the features of Cassapertutti.

Watch the tutorials

Use cassapertutti in a few simple steps

tutorial 1

Issue and send a receipt

tutorial 1

Cancel a receipt

tutorial 3

Personalize the items

tutorial 1

Customization of categories

tutorial 1

Bill management

tutorial 3

Selling by weight

tutorial 1

Barcode reading with Smartphone or Tablet

tutorial 1

Configuring Bluetooth printer

tutorial 1

Customization of the receipt

Simplify your life

Collection of orders for commercial agents

With cassapertutti your agents can manage orders in a very simple and fast way. It will be enough for each of your agents to have an android smartphone or tablet. Watch the tutorial and find out how simple it is! A few steps and you can start managing your orders.

tutorial 1

Customization of the receipt

The evolution of the cash register

Receipts, invoices and much more

Cassapertutti offers you many more services than a simple cash register. Many advantages for you and your consultants in one platform.


Electronic invoices

Issue and receive electronic invoices, estimates, NSO orders (Order Sorting Node), withholding, cash, stamp duty, import documents.



Your commercialist will be able to access your data directly from his PC, you will be free from unnecessary paperwork.


Cash points

Manage multiple cash points, use different terminals in different locations with several operators.


Advanced management

Quickly manage items, price lists, discounts and even customer and supplier data. Get up-to-date reports on the progress of your business.


Backup and security

Cassapertutti is a cloud platform, which allows you to have your data always available and safe with an advanced encryption system.


Application programming interface

You have at your disposal a set of applications (API) useful for integrating Cassapertutti functions to your business accounting software and your e-commerce site.

Everything you need

Cassapertutti recommends a range of devices selected to ensure performance.

Mobile Terminals

Handy, light, avant-garde

Cassapertutti offers a range of highly professional devices designed for the needs of those who want to carry the terminal with them to be always operational.

Long-lasting battery powered
4G and Wi-Fi connection
Built-in printer or connectable via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Desktop Terminals

Practical, innovative, elegant

Cassapertutti's range of devices is equipped with all the technical specifications needed to offer a complete payment service.

Connection to the Wi-Fi and Ethernet network
Integrated printer
Complete payment service

Discover all the products in our catalogue!

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